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About Us

Joseph Gallione

Former chief engineer at Rotec Industries USA, responsible for the original design and development of the Super Swinger telescopic conveyor. Joe’s extensive 20 year experience at Rotec included design, manufacturing, testing and field erection of Rotec products including, Tower Cranes, line conveyor systems, truck mounted and mobile conveyors, and all facets of conventional and RCC concrete placing equipment.

Kevin Blake

Former electrical department manager and shop foreman at Rotec Industries USA. Kevin's extensive Rotec and conveyor experience, covering over 34 years, included the design and manufacturing of electrical controls for, line conveyor systems, mobile equipment and concrete placing equipment. Kevin also has extensive concrete placing experience due to his field installation, maintenance and operation of concrete placing equipment.

Peter Oury

Peter has been operating, maintaining, and repairing concrete placing machines for the past 31 years. He also has extensive experience with Rotec Industries USA with all types of concrete placing equipment. His experience repairing the problems brings a unique insight in the development of new designs that are easier to maintain and increase operation efficiency.

Illinois Conveyor

Peter and Kevin Blake own and continue to operate Illinois Conveyor Enterprises for the past 12 years, where they maintain, repair and rebuild truck mounted conveyors and all types of conveyor systems. Illinois Conveyor also manufactures and sells unique and improved replacement parts for conveyors.

Loop Belt Industries

Joe, Kevin and Peter have combined their extensive experience in concrete conveyor design, operation and maintenance, to form Loop Belt Industries, Inc. The blending of their skills has brought considerable knowledge and experience to the development process, which is invaluable in addressing the flaws and weaknesses of the competitor’s designs. They have designed, patented and built new truck-mounted telescopic conveyor systems. The goals and intentions for development of new machines were to solve the problems and issues that continue to be inherent in the competitor's designs. Loop Belt Industries product lines now include tower mounted telescopic conveyors, and long- line conveyor systems for conventional and RCC projects.

Loop Belt is committed to high performance of its equipment in the field. Our service engineers and technicians are led by Mr. Gary Kramer who is considered one of the best service engineers in the world for conveyor systems. Additionally, Loop Belt has access to design engineers with considerable experience with conveyor system design to round out our team.
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Telescopic Conveyors | Glen Ellyn, Illinois

Loop Belt Industries specializes in telescopic conveyors for placing concrete and a variety of materials including RCC. Loop Belt designs truck mounted and pedestal mounted conveyors as well as long line conveyors and a variety of hoppers. Loop Belt's sister company, Illinois Conveyor Enterprises, provides parts and services to recondition and repair Loop Belt™ conveyors, Super Swinger conveyors and conveyors and related machinery from other manufacturers.