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The Loop Belt LB40T5-20 Placing Sand

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Loop Belt Tractor-Trailer Mounted TTLB40T5-20 Telescopic Conveyor

TTLB40T5-20 Proudly designed and built in America, the Loop Belt Tractor-Trailer Mounted TTLB40T5-20 Telescopic Conveyor utilizes the same proven structural design and performance as its truck mounted brother. Attached to a heavy-duty tri-axle trailer, the machine is transportable with a locally specified fifth-wheel tractor chassis. This increases maneuverability and allows contractors to use the chassis of their choice.

Equipped with a John Deere diesel engine and Funk pump drive adapter, the hydraulic power unit is attached to the gooseneck of the trailer, where it not only provides ample power, but also serves as ballast for machine stability. In fact, the TTLB40T5-20 is load tested and stability tested without a tractor.

The machine has full stability under load and can be operated without a chassis or additional counterweight attached. The same Tractor-Trailer design can be used with our smaller unit making a TTLB33T4-20.
Loop Belt’s LB40T5-20 Truck Mounted Conveyor is Here!

The first Loop Belt LB40T5-20 conveyor has been manufactured and is now on the job. For those contractors looking for higher capacities and a longer reach than our LB33T4-18 offers, look to the LB40T5-20 which is capable of outputs of up to 6 yd3/min (4.60m3/min) and aggregates up to 6 inch.

Loop Belt’s LB40T5-20 Design Features
  • Loop Belt places a wide range of material for all types of jobs, from footings/foundations to bridge decks, mat pours and dams.
  • Loop Belt 40T5-20 conveyor is equipped with 20” wide conveyor belts that provide up to 40% more material delivery capacity than 18” belts.
  • The LB40T5-20 will handle low to no slump concrete and aggregates up to 6”; ideally suited for wind energy projects that require a low slump concrete mix in the tower foundation.
  • All the transition points were designed to run clean and transfer smoothly. The feeder and boom are equipped with U-rollers to keep the material on the belt and the machine running clean.
  • Loop Belt can place stone, then concrete on the same job; the machine sets up and moves very fast saving time and labor.
  • Boom and feeder functions are fully proportional using Hawe valves and a Scanreco wireless remote system. Each machine comes with two remotes – a single joystick and a double joystick both with hard wire capability. Both main and feeder belts are fully proportional on both remotes.
  • The LB40T5-20 outriggers are fully proportional and quick and easy to set up. No manual maneuvering required. Machine stability is of utmost safety concern.
  • The machine is easy to clean using its standard low pressure system or an optional jet washer. 200 gallon water tank is built into the main structure.
  • Loop Belt has 360º rotation, letting you place material in any position as well as load the feeder in a variety of locations.
  • The standard LB40T5-20 is mounted on a Mack MRU 613 with a MP7 405 HP Engine using Mack PTO’s, a standard in the truck mounted conveyor industry. However, the LB40T5-20 can be mounted on a variety of chassis based on your company’s needs.
  • Horsepower requirements are very low at full capacity; therefore, Loop Belt can be operated at low RPM’s for great fuel savings.
  • High-Strength tubular steel welded boom structure and feed conveyor are stronger and lighter weight than aluminum.
  • Highly efficient dual telescopic wire rope driver system provides smooth conveyor extension and retraction. Drives are mounted for ease of maintenance and serviceability.
  • Feed Conveyor Transfer and turret mountings are designed for optimal performance, ease of maintenance and clean operation.
  • The LB40T5-20 has a set-up height of 17 feet which is great for jobs with low overhead clearance.
For order and more information please call Joe Gallione (630) 552-5303

Click here to view our new machine in the field!
Palomino Dam
Click here to view Palomino Dam PDF
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March 18th 2010
Loop Belt has now extended our product line up to include Tower Mounted Conveyors with the addition of the TMLB33T4-18 and the TMLB40T5-20,with the choice of a fixed in place tower or a traveling base. This new product line up makes Loop Belt a more viable and economical option for civil projects.

  • Hydroelectric Dams
  • Canals and Locks
  • Power Plants
  • Wind Energy
  • High Rise Foundations
  • Mat Pours
  • Roads and Bridges

October 23rd 2008
Loop Belt Industries is proud to announce the addition of Mr. Kootaro "Ko" Sawada to our sales team covering Latin America.

Ko brings a strong background in sales of concrete placing systems on the largest hydroelectric dam projects in the world and will be representing LBI from his home country Brazil.

He graduated Industrial Engineering in Sao Paulo, Brazil in 1967 and has been dedicated in the sales of construction equipment ever since.

Ko has a proven track record with the major contractors in Brazil and other countries like Mexico, Venezuela, Colombia, Chile, Peru, Argentina, Bolivia, Baraguay, Iran, Germany, Scotland, South Africa, etc.

With Ko on the team, LBI is looking forward to opening the export market in his area on new dam projects as well as emerging markets such as wind energy.

Contact: Ko Sawada
Cell: 55 11 9 9616-6779 Brazil
Emails: or

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