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Loop Belt Tractor-Trailer Mounted TTLB40T5-20 Telescopic Conveyor

TTLB40T5-20 Proudly designed and built in America, the Loop Belt Tractor-Trailer Mounted TTLB40T5-20 Telescopic Conveyor utilizes the same proven structural design and performance as its truck mounted brother. Attached to a heavy-duty tri-axle trailer, the machine is transportable with a locally specified fifth-wheel tractor chassis. This increases maneuverability and allows contractors to use the chassis of their choice.

Equipped with a John Deere diesel engine and Funk pump drive adapter, the hydraulic power unit is attached to the gooseneck of the trailer, where it not only provides ample power, but also serves as ballast for machine stability. In fact, the TTLB40T5-20 is load tested and stability tested without a tractor.

The machine has full stability under load and can be operated without a chassis or additional counterweight attached. The same Tractor-Trailer design can be used with our smaller unit making a TTLB33T4-20.

Loop Belt LB33T4-20 Truck-Mounted Conveyor

Loop Belt Industries is proud to announce the newest truck-mounted conveyor in it's product line-up. With over 107' (33m) of reach and 20" wide belts, this conveyor can handle low to no-slump concrete and aggregates up to 6".

LB33T4-20LB33T4-20LB33T4-20 It's ideal for a wide range of projects from footings and foundations,to bridge decks, mat pours and wind energy tower foundations. The LB33 has numerous design enhancements and features focused on ease of operation and maintenance.

The LB33 is truly a low cost of operation machine that will provide many years of profitable service.

All tubular steel welded construction. Each section is a welded box lattice frame designed and proportioned to carry the loads applied to it. This results in a lighter structure with a high strength to weight ratio and greater stiffness than aluminum structures. Our conveyor belt is supported by fully U-troughed rollers for increased capacity and cleanliness. Base section frame is designed with offset lower chord members to provide for clearance to conventional truck cab in the road transport position.

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Telescopic Conveyors | Glen Ellyn, Illinois

Loop Belt Industries specializes in telescopic conveyors for placing concrete and a variety of materials including RCC. Loop Belt designs truck mounted and pedestal mounted conveyors as well as long line conveyors and a variety of hoppers. Loop Belt's sister company, Illinois Conveyor Enterprises, provides parts and services to recondition and repair Loop Beltâ„¢ conveyors, Super Swinger conveyors and conveyors and related machinery from other manufacturers.